Article Abstract

Pre-operative preparation for Da Vinci robotic surgery

Authors: Xueyu Chen, Su Yang, Wei Guo, Runsen Jin, Yajie Zhang, Xingshi Chen, Han Wu, Hailei Du, Dingpei Han, Kai Chen, Jie Xiang, Hecheng Li


When patients are hospitalized, they are usually unhappy. Furthermore, patients in the thoracic surgery ward usually have malignant tumors. Therefore, in addition to dealing with a monotonous and unfamiliar environment, patients often feel depressed. Before the operation, most patients have some degree of anxiety, because they lack comprehensive knowledge about the operation, such as tissue trauma and postoperative conditions. If patients have any questions or worries, they can ask the physician or nurses. The doctors should answer these questions patiently and help patients feel positive about the operation.