Article Abstract

Report of 2017 Holistic Integrative Gastroenterology (HIG) forum

Authors: Xiaozhong Guo, Xin Wang, Huahong Xie, Xingshun Qi, Kaichun Wu, Daiming Fan, on the behalf of HIG committee


Nowadays, the Holistic Integrative Medicine (HIM) perspectives proposed by Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Professor Daiming Fan have been increasingly recognized and extensively incorporated into medical practice (Figure 1) (1). The 2017 Chinese Congress of Holistic Integrative Medicine (CCHIM) was held in June 29, 2017 in Xi’an, China. A total of 52 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 200 University presidents or vice-presidents, and over 2,000 hospital presidents or vice-presidents participated in this congress. Notably, over 14,000 attendees from various subjects of medicine took part in 1 plenary lecture and 45 forums. The meeting report disseminates the major contents presented in the 2017 Holistic Integrative Gastroenterology (HIG) forum.