Article Abstract

Increased risk of diabetes in inflammatory orthopedics diseases

Authors: Jiewen Jin, Yicun Wang, Zhantao Deng


Diabetes is one of most common chronic disease in modern society and the affected population is excepted to be 592 million by 2035. Inflammation was an established mechanism in the in the pathogenesis of diabetes and associated complications. Diabetes can increase the occurrence and deteriorate various diseases in orthopedics, such as osteoarthritis (OA) and osteomyelitis, which had been thoroughly investigated. On the other hand, inflammatory diseases are also common in orthopedics, such as inflammatory arthritis, OA and osteomyelitis. But whether patients with inflammation related diseases in orthopedics have higher risk for diabetes is seldom investigated. Here we reviewed studies concerning the risk of diabetes in various inflammation related diseases in orthopedics and intended to rise the attention of higher risk of diabetes in various arthritis and osteomyelitis.