Article Abstract

Mixed hemangioma on the ileocecal valve removed by endoscopic polypectomy

Authors: Xiao-Dong Shao, Xiao-Zhong Guo, Li-Nan Ren, Zhen-Dong Liang


A pedunculated polypoid mass on the ileocecal valve in a 74-year-old woman presenting with abdominal pain and diarrhea was presented. Previous colonoscopy revealed multiple polyps and diverticula in the cecum of the patient. During colonoscopy in our department a pedunculated polypoid mass on the ileocecal valve with a diameter of 15 mm was noted. The mass was successfully removed by snare polypectomy and a diagnosis of mixed hemangioma was confirmed by histological examination. A review of the literature is presented involving current diagnostic and therapeutic methods for gastrointestinal hemangiomas.