Article Abstract

Blood transfusion strategy in cirrhotic patients with active upper GI bleeding

Authors: Vishnu Prasad Nelamangala-Ramakrishnaiah, Vijayakumar Chellappa, Mangala Goneppanavar


Upper gastro intestinal bleeding (UGIB) in patients with cirrhosis is a major medical problem in the emergency department. It was found to be the common cause for UGIB in our institute seen in nearly 36% of patients. The other common causes for the UGIB were peptic ulcer disease and erosive mucosal disease. It was also an important indication for resuscitation and blood transfusion, nearly 65% of such patients received blood transfusion (1). On a multivariate analysis, using logistic regression, multiple blood transfusions were one of the factors associated with mortality in these patients in our tertiary care institution (1). Hence, it is important to follow a safe and effective blood transfusion strategy in patients with UGIB, for a better outcome.