Article Abstract

What should be done for patients with liver lesions in the LI-RADS 2 and 3 categories?

Authors: Matheus Alvarez, Fernando Gomes Romeiro


Liver cancer is a health problem worldwide and approximately 90% of the tumors are hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The incidence of this tumor has been increasing and is expected to keep growing for the next 11 years in some countries such as the United States (1). As the main risk factor for developing HCC is liver cirrhosis and most cirrhotic patients can be diagnosed without biopsies, a big effort has been made in order to curb the disease impact. Probably the most important actions in this field are those focusing on avoiding the development of liver cirrhosis, such as the mass vaccination against hepatitis B and the early diagnosis of hepatitis C, which are the leading causes of cirrhosis and HCC in the Eastern and Western countries, respectively.