Extrarenal adult Wilms’ tumor case report

Benjamin B. Beech, Hunter R. Carlock, Jan K. Rudzinski, Daniel R. Martinez, Jasreman Dhillon, Philippe E. Spiess


Wilms’ tumor is the most common primary renal malignancy in children. Adult presentations of Wilms’ tumor are very rare, and extrarenal adult Wilms’ tumors even more so, with only a few reported cases in the literature. Adult patients have traditionally had a worse prognosis than children, due to presentation with advanced stages of disease, diagnostic uncertainty, and limited treatment experience. When treated with multimodal therapy in accordance with the established protocols for pediatric Wilms’ tumor, adult patients are able to achieve good outcomes. We report the case of an adult female with an extrarenal Wilms’ tumor, and review the literature surrounding this uncommon disease entity.