Xiaoyan Wang (Cardiovascular medicine)

Department of cardiovascular medicine, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Dr. Xiaoyan Wang is a PhD student at the Department of cardiovascular medicine, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University. She worked as the medical editor in DXY company between 2012-2013, which is the largest medical Internet company in China, responsible for the Channel of Heart, Chest, Infect and Paper. She was the chief editor for the Channel of Heart from the August of 2013 to the January of 2015. She is the member of The AME Journal Club committee since 2013. She is the section editor (Cardiology) of Annuals of Translational Medicine and Journal of thoracic disease since 2015.

Her main research interests focus on molecular cardiology, clinical research of hypertension and percutaneous coronary intervention, systematic reviews and meta-analysis. She has engaged in 3 research projects in the past 3 years. At present, she has published 4 papers in SCI Journals and was the chief-translator for the Chinese edition of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy.