Xiaolong Qi, MD (General Surgery)

Xiaolong Qi, MD. Department of General Surgery, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China

Xiaolong Qi has been working on the diagnosis for portal hypertension, participating in the drawing up of related Chinese authoritative guidelines and leading the “Chinese Portal Hypertension Noninvaisve Diagnosis Study (CHESS) Group”. Having been doing the original research of virtual and radiomic diagnosis technique of portal hypertension, Xiaolong Qi has applied for 1 PCT international patent as the only inventor, 1 invention patent as the first applicant and 2 as the second applicant. The original technology achievements were published in Gut, based on which the applicant has signed a letter of conversion with a Chinese high-tech enterprise. During the recent three years, Xiaolong Qi, as the corresponding author or the first author, have published 18 high-level SCI articles (all IF> 5). The representative work published in Gut, Trends Biotechnol, Trends Pharmacol Sci, J Natl Cancer Inst and Ann Surg, which have gained special report on Lancet Oncol and positive comments and quotations on N Engl J Med and Science.

Terms of Appointment: March 2017 - March 2019