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AME Medical Journal

AME Medical Journal (ISSN 2520-0518; AME Med J; AMJ; amj.amegroups.com) is the Official Journal of the AME College, a program established by the AME Publishing Company since 2015, aiming at bringing comprehensive academic knowledge to young physicians and surgeons in a vivid and interesting way and in turn, benefiting patients. Covering a wide field in the medical world, AMJ aims at prompting the development in the medical field and providing a professional platform for physicians and surgeons around the world to share advanced research result, spectacular surgical techniques and precious experience in their field, inspiring academic sparkles and finally bringing better treatment for patients.

Published articles include Invited Articles and Submitted Papers, e-Comments on all published articles, and Editorials in all surgical sub-specialties. Besides regular issues of the journal, articles in defined areas will be collected and published in Themed Collections. The high quality of its content is assured by a rigorous review process, supervised by a strong editorial board.

In-depth research, instructional and educational video clips, photos, schematics will be a favor. Articles will be solicited from recognized experts in these fields, while submissions for peer review will also be considered. All submissions are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members, as well as invited referees and a statistician when appropriate.

Together, AMJ will always keep in mind to make Academic Easy, Excellent and Enthusiastic!

Submission Turnaround Time:    
         External peer review: 1-2 months.
         Acceptance to Publication Ahead of Print: 20 days.
         Acceptance to Publication: 1-3 months. Original Articles are listed as priority.

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Address: Rm C, 16/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, No. 3 On Kwan Street, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong
Phone: +86 20 66355775
Email: amj@amegroups.com