Article Abstract

Robotic-assisted McKeown esophagectomy

Authors: Dingpei Han, Su Yang, Wei Guo, Runsen Jin, Yajie Zhang, Xingshi Chen, Han Wu, Hailei Du, Kai Chen, Jie Xiang, Hecheng Li


A patient with a history of dysphagia for 3 months was diagnosed as upper esophageal cancer by gastroscopy. After sufficient preoperative preparation, the patient underwent esophagectomy of McKeown procedure by Robotic-assisted approach. The five-port method was used in both thoracic and abdominal part. A jejunostomy tube was placed for enteral nutrition. At last, a cervical esophagogastric anastomosis was performed. No complications occurred during the 6-day postoperative hospitalization. The TNM stage was T3N0M0, stage IIA.