Article Abstract

Zika mRNA vaccine induces long-term protective immunity

Authors: Siyuan Ding, Harry B. Greenberg


If you are wondering what the hype on Zika virus (ZIKV) all over the news is about, here is a fact: In 2015 in Brazil alone, there is an estimate of 1.3 million cases of ZIKV infection (1). The virus is generally spread through Aedes mosquito bites but can also be transmitted sexually (2). It has unofficially replaced Ebola virus as the most significant global public health threat. Clinically, the virus has been identified as the etiological agent for microcephaly in newborns and rarely, Guillain-Barre syndrome in adults (1,3). The rapid increase in ZIKV infection cases has prompted a concerted effort on a global scale to develop safe and effective vaccines from scratch. Multiple immunization platforms are currently under study for a ZIKV vaccine, including plasmid DNA, inactivated virus particles, protein subunits and adenovirus-based vector (4-7).