Article Abstract

Biopsy: CT-guided fine needle aspiration is best? radiologist perspective

Authors: Antonio Rahal Junior, Priscilla Mina Falsarella, Ricardo Salles Santos, Guilherme Falleiros Mendes, Diego Lima Nava Martins, Rodrigo Gobbo Garcia


Availability of computed tomography (CT) and advances in lung screening techniques allowed the identification of growing number of pulmonary nodules. The ability to differentiate between benign and malignant lesions is a challenge. Cytological or tissue sampling of suspected nodules by percutaneous guided imaging, has increasingly been placed as an effective and safe alternative. Analysed cases of fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) and core biopsy performed at the Intervention Center of our institution. As well, review of literature to compare indications, limitations and complications of techniques. FNAB is often used in a number of situations. Thyroid, breast nodules, and suspicious lymph nodes are examples. Percutaneous CT-guided FNAB is widely accepted as an accurate and safe procedure for pulmonary nodules. Core biopsy has gained space, with higher accuracy, low false negative indices, high positivity and similar complication. Interventionist practice is the first option in the diagnostic approach of suspected pulmonary nodules. Both strategies have a minimal morbi-mortality rate if compared to conventional surgical biopsy.