Happy birthday AME Medical Journal: we are three years old

Editorial Office


Three years ago on Oct 18, 2016, the multidisciplinary open access journal AME Medical Journal (“AMJ” for short) was born with an aim to bring comprehensive academic knowledge to young physicians and surgeons in a vivid and interesting way and in turn, benefiting patients, and a promise to challenge the traditions of publishing (Figure 1). The yearly observation of the journal is rewarding (1,2). Getting one year older, AMJ is consolidated in terms of publication quality with a growing number of readerships. The past one year has witnessed some exciting progresses of AMJ in tandem with its branded sister AME Case Reports (“ACR” for short) (3). The coming October 18, we are going to launch the third AME-branded journal, namely AME Surgical Journal (“ASJ” for short) (4). Strategically, AMJ, ACR and ASJ will epitomize the focuses of AME office on the publication of medicine, clinical cases and surgery. The definition of the focuses will further facilitate the journal’s forward step and better carry on the dream of AME (5).