Focus Issue on Liver Transplantation

Posted On 2018-01-22 06:27:31
Liver transplantation: the past, the present and the legacy of Dr. Thomas Starzl
Eric M. Yoshida, Trana Hussaini

Review Article
Immunosuppressive pharmacotherapy in liver transplantation
Trana Hussaini, Siegfried Erb, Eric M. Yoshida

Review Article
Medical complications of liver transplantation
Julie H. Zhu, Trana Hussaini, Siegfried R. Erb, Vladimir Marquez, Eric M. Yoshida

Review Article
Surgical complications of liver transplantation
Clara Tan-Tam, Maja Segedi, Andrzej Buczkowski, Trana Hussaini, Eric M. Yoshida, Stephen Chung, Charles Scudamore

Review Article
Hepatitis B and liver transplantation
Saro Khemichian, Tse-Ling Fong

Review Article
Hepatitis C and liver transplantation in direct acting antiviral era
Nabiha Faisal

Review Article
What is the role of transplantation in the management of alcoholic liver disease?
Chiara Saroli Palumbo, Philip Wong

Review Article
Liver transplantation for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease—a review
Saumya Jayakumar

Review Article
Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma: pre-transplant considerations and post-transplant management
Vladimir Marquez

Review Article
Liver transplant donation
May C. Tee, Stephen W. Chung

The optimal imaging diagnostic method of sarcopenia in liver transplantation: an unresolved issue
Ran Wang, Xiaozhong Guo, Fernando Gomes Romeiro, Xingshun Qi

Malnutrition, frailty, sarcopenia, obesity—optimizing nutrition care in liver transplantation
Lori Fortier

Infectious complications of liver transplantation
Molly Lin, Allison Mah, Alissa J. Wright

Guest Editors (from left to right) :
Drs. Eric M. Yoshida and Trana Hussaini